UH 2nd Years Vs UH 1st Years: 2018 Edition

TBC, 04 Oct, 7:00PM

A noble tradition for many, many years! Now, it rides again….

For many years, 2nd year former residents of UH returned back to their flats for one night only. The preliminary structure of the night is as follows (final details to be confimed later):

7pm – second years arrive at UH bar for catch up/briefing

8pm – Second years visit their former flats for pre-drinks and meet the new first years. Feel free to mix up flats/floors if it improves the vibe.

9.30pm – Meet at UH bar for some mingling and then head off to a club booked exclusively for UH. info about tickets to be confirmed later.

This is a night not to be missed!

This event is part of the packed line up of Welcome Week events at University Hall, find out more here. You can also join the University Hall Facebook Group, the Official Welcome 2018 Group or head to our welcome website for any other info on Welcome Week.