Pint of Science

Anson Rooms , 26 Sep, 7:00PM

Grab a pint and prepare for an evening of science!

Pint of Science is a non-profit organisation that brings scientific research and ideas in the minds of the public in an informal setting, to make you fall in love with science. You don’t have to be studying a science degree to enjoy this event and no prior knowledge is required.


Alfie Wearn (Wellcome Trust PhD Student in Translational Health Sciences)

Holes in the mind: Did my memories fall through?
It is estimated the brain can store 1 million gigabytes! We can learn tens of thousands of words, how to walk, or to play a musical instrument. Why then is it so hard to remember what we had for dinner last week, or the name of the person who just told you their name barely 10 seconds ago? What exactly is memory anyway? Where in the brain are memories stored, and can we even rely on them? Can we improve our memory? We will also explore memory failure in dementia and research to combat this, including whether there is anything we can do to reduce our chances of getting it in the first place.

Twitter: @AlfieWearn


Beck Richardson (British Heart Foundation Research Fellow)

What can we learn from zebrafish hearts?
Beck is a British Heart Foundation Intermediate Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. Following early work in human genetics and mouse models, she now focuses her research on the fascinating ability of adult zebrafish to regenerate damaged tissues such as the heart, skin and fins. In her talk, Beck will present her work and how cell regeneration based on an adult zebrafish model system may be beneficial for the care of clinical patients.

Twitter: @Beck4science


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